Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Why your company should not be on Facebook

Actually, you should be on Facebook, but only if you are willing to put in the time to regularly connect with your customers. I was going to write a very different blog about using some advanced marketing tricks on Facebook but once I ran the numbers and learned how many of our subscribers still remain Facebook-less, I thought I needed to shift gears. 

As I learned over the course of the first few weeks here at PMQ Pizza Magazine, not all of you are yet on Facebook. Of the sample 1,275 subscribers we checked (and liked your page, so like us back!!) only 710 of you are on Facebook. That means there are 565 pizzerias or restaurants or companies in the food industry without a page to like. On top of that, a handful of you had your pizzerias set up as a personal profile rather than as a page which means other pages are unable to like you. 

I plan to spend the next few months going through our list of over 40,000 subscribers and making sure to like all of you that are on Facebook. You can help me out by sending me a link to your page at melanie [a] pmq.com or posting it on our Facebook wall! 


TIP: Make a Facebook page for your business, not a personal Facebook profile. 
(Wonder why: Read this blog about the top 5 reasons)

How to create a Facebook page for your pizzeria

First, let me say, you may be asking, why even bother? Well, there are over 600 million people now on Facebook. (Read more great reasons on this blog) The chances that people living or traveling through your area are on it is very good. The chances that many of those people will search for your business using Facebook is also very good. The chance of  them not eating at your pizzeria if they can't find you online - well, why risk that chance? 

Step one: Log in to your personal Facebook page. On the left hand-side of your page, select pages. Then click on "Create a Page."

Step two: Select "local business or place"

Step three: Choose restaurant/cafe category and then fill out the details of the name of your pizzeria. Agree to the terms.

Step four: Design! Pick a great profile and cover photo that best reflects your business. 
Our friends over at Ijustdid.org have created a cheat sheet infographic to show you the exact size of images, text and video on Facebook. Check it out here.  Be sure to select images that highlight what your building looks like, are positive and cheery, or are great pictures of one of your popular menu items. Photoshopped custom images with your logo are also acceptable. 

Tip from PMQ Video Producer and Photographer Daniel Perea: Make sure to populate your Facebook page with appealing pictures of your building exterior and interior. Have pictures of customers enjoying themselves. Make it look as much as it is to come eat there! 

Step five: Fill in more details about your pizzeria. Hours, an image of the menu, or the actual menu in the about us column. Have online ordering? Connect it using an app on your Facebook page. Here is Pizza Hut's example app

Step six: Pick something to post about and mix it up. Do fun contests. Write about pizza trivia. Throw in special discounts for Facebook fans. Let people know of changes to your menu, hours, brag on employees and more. Just keep posting at least two or three times a week. If you find yourself posting more than 2 or 3 times a day, slow it down a bit so you don't overwhelm your followers (at least space out posts as best you can). 

For a fun Monday contest and good example of a pizzeria who posts daily, see Potomac Pizza who posted this today:

"Let's do a MANIC MONDAY CONTEST! Like this status and we will select a random winner tomorrow at 12pm to have 100 Loyalty Points added to your account!"

But don't take our word for it. We decided to pose the question to our Facebook fans so your peers can tell you exactly what works for them. Here are some tips from PMQ Pizza Magazine Facebook fans:
  • Don't make every post about selling. Mix it up with some behind the scenes shots and info, or even some kudos for employees. Just not always pushing your products. - Terry Savoie
  • Always congratulate the local high school sports teams on their accomplishments. - Scott Chapman, Great Scott's Pizza
  • Simple things like today...Say "Sprecher Orange Soda" and get a free Sprecher Orange or any fountain drink for your table. Non alcoholic only, dine in only, no Sprecher Root Beer (which we sell a lot of...trying to prop up the Orange a bit.) - Steve Tuba Hoog
  • I agree with mixing it up. We are in a town of 2,000 and have 3,000 on our FB page. We do a little of everything. And I respond to/like comments on EVERYTHING our guests interact with. - Travis Guthman, Pizza Peel

But let us know if not being on Facebook is helping you in some way. Perhaps there is a reason to not be found online and we want to hear why you are choosing not to be liked. Did this blog inspire you to start a Facebook page? Do you need help getting it started? I am here to help! Please let me know by emailing melanie [a] pmq.com or by commenting below. 

And as always, thanks for reading the blog and be sure to like us on Facebook

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