Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Guest blog post from Sue Zimmerman, Instagram Expert

Use Instagram to Grow Your Pizza Business: 10 Insta-Awesome Ideas
by Sue B. Zimmerman aka The Instagram Gal
Instagram is a goldmine of a business-building tool that you don’t want to overlook. There are over 150 million active users (almost half the American population) so what are you waiting for? Create a rockin’ Instagram profile and a visual brand strategy that your followers will enjoy and feel connected to.  Instagram is super efficient and easy to use.  In under a minute, you can take a picture or 15 second video from your mobile device, choose a filter and share it to to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr and/or Foursquare. Instagram allows you to grow your network and connect with your followers in a memorable way.
Not sure what to post or how to connect to your target market?  Today’s your lucky day because I am going to give you 10 Insta-Awesome Strategies.
1.  Show an Image of Happy Customers -Your customers are your most valuable asset, celebrate them and share how happy they are when they buy something from you.
2. Show Behind-the-Scenes of your Business-  People love to see how you do what you do and what makes your business unique.  Show how you create what you sell.
3 . Post Photos of Design Inspirations- If you’re a florist, a photo of an abstract piece of art that inspired an arrangement.  If you’re a jewelry designer the leaves that inspired you to create a work of art.
4.Post Quotes that Align with your Brand- You can create branded quotes with the 3rd party app.  Come follow mine #sbzquote
5.  Run a Promotion and Drive Traffic to your Website - Your url goes live when you share it to Facebook.
6.  Show your Personality- People like to do business with people they know, like and trust. Show who your are and what you are passionate about.
7. Share photos of people who Inspire You –Let your followers know who you learn from.
8. Show photos of Your Favorite Books & Authors

9.  Do a “How to” Video – People love to watch and learn in 15 seconds.

10.  Run a fun weekly  contest - Be consistent and your followers will engage weekly

You gain followers by posting photos that are interesting and provide value.  Your “Likes” and engagement will tell you what to post.  So start using IG, apply these 10 tips, and watch your brand (and followers) grow!

Learn more about Sue Zimmerman at her website and also in our March article on Instagram at PMQ Pizza Magazine!

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