Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Brickfire Pizza shares how they get the best out of social media

PMQ recently spoke with Dominic Dimler, restaurant Manager/Owner/Chef of Brickfire Pizza, LLC.,which is based out of Osceola, WI. As much social media advice we can give you, we figure it is best to hear straight from those in the middle of the action. Dimler shares with us his thoughts on Facebook and social media. While Brickfire has lots of good idea, we find their charitable donations with their special pizzas a fantastic idea!

When and why did you join Facebook?

We opened Brickfire in June of 2012. We joined Facebook a few weeks before opening our doors to the public. As new business owners Facebook worked as an excellent way to get our name out to the local community without having to spend a ton of money on marketing costs right off the bat.

We have found only about 50% of pizzerias have a presence on social media. What advice do you have for pizzerias in terms of social media?

Many pizza joints now have a lot of online ordering and other tech savvy options. As a fairly new restaurant we don’t have the luxury of having a website yet. We’ve used Facebook as a tool to promote new menu items, announce job postings, support other local businesses, etc. Having your business active on a social media site, as opposed to having an actual website, has proven to be an excellent way of getting our name out not only locally but to neighboring communities and beyond.

What you have found to be the most effective posts on Facebook?

We host a lot of contests through our Facebook page. The various contests result in winning a free pizza or another Brickfire Pizza menu item. A lot of the time one of the stipulations to participating in these contests is to ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ our page. The customers appreciate the free item and we appreciate the new customers.

What is the key to success with social media for any pizzeria?

Keeping the customer engaged. By hosting fun contests and keeping up with social media we gain customers of all ages. Keeping our site up to date with pictures and all of our happenings is something our customers now anticipate seeing everyday.

What is unique to your restaurant that you try to highlight on social media?

We come up with some sort of unique pie to sell every month as our ‘Donation Creation’. This pizza is usually something creative and trendy and not already on our menu. Some of our Donation Creation’s in the past have been our Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza, Reuben Pizza or Shrimp Scampi Pizza. We promote and sell a different Donation Creation each month. 10 percent of the sales of this pizza are donated to a local charity or non-profit organization.

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