Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Social media in 2014 - Where are we going?

Social media is evolving in 2014, at least that is the thought on many people's minds in the restaurant industry.

According to Restaurant-hospitality.com, the key to social media in 2014 is interaction. Sure, a great looking photo of a pizza will still appeal to many. But finding ways to better engage your audience is the new trick.

So how can you do this?

Instead of telling your customer about a new pizza on the menu or telling them you are open, engage them with a contest to find a new pizza to put on the menu or simply ask them more questions like: If you could pick any dream pizza to have today, what would it be? Then surprise them by giving one away as a bonus!

Websites and Mobile

Also friends, it is time to upgrade that website. PMQ is in the process of evolving our site to make improvements to better serve our mobile customers. It is time to not only have a website that is updated but is always mobile friendly.

"This year it will be critically important that the platform your website is on is responsive to the increasing variety of cellphones and tablets," Restaurant-hospitality.com said. "In my opinion, WordPress is hands down the best website software available."

Hands down, agreed by me. Wordpress is functional and works great with all mobile devices. Plus, it is the cheapest and easiest to design and maintain. While it is not a social media issue, it can be if your site is interactive, fun and easily linked to your social media.

Fastcasual.com has more on a mobile strategy and the apps you need in 2014. And it is not just about being social: "Experts predict the mobile payments industry will account for $1 trillion in global transactions by next year," fastcasual.com said.


While photos took over social media in the past few years, now it is the era of video. And it is not just about YouTube, Vimeo and Vine anymore. With Instagram in the game and Facebook making it so easy to upload videos that instantly play in people's feeds, how have you not yet posted fun videos of your employees at work or testimonials of people who love your pizza? The key with videos in social media is brevity. Show them in 10 seconds or less something fun or work with a professional for a longer piece. 

Join the Conversation

What's the latest trend in your area? Is it eating local? Than talk about it on Facebook. Show your locally sourced foods on Pinterest. Retweet interesting things happening from foodies in your area. Be a part of the conversation of a larger trend in your area while remembering to point out your awesome pizza here or there and you will engage an audience.

Be Funny

If you are on Twitter, engage with the trending hashtags. Find funny ways to engage a larger audience about your pizzeria. DiGiornio's was a great example of live tweeting a national broadcast. Super Bowl happening - don't just mention your 2 for 1 deal. Talk about the game with your fans. Make a joke about Peyton and too much pizza. Be light. Have fun. People will appreciate it.

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