Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Moving Targets shares their best social media advice for pizzerias

The best social media tips for Pizzerias
by the Social Media experts at Moving Targets

You've heard that social media changes all the time. You've heard that every business should be on Facebook. But when you have to divide your time between running your pizzeria, managing the staff and spending time with your family, you can’t keep up with every new social media marketing strategy. So what should you focus on? What’s the best way to go about it?

I've asked my team of social media experts “What’s your best social media tip for pizzerias?” and here’s what they answered – take notes:

MICHELLE BIZON, Social Media Manager
My top tip is to create unexpected customer experiences that are inherently shareable. Abandon the I-have-the-best-pizza-in-town soapbox and focus on making your customers feel special. That's what'll differentiate you. Do a lot of takeout? Break up the monotony of waiting in line with a cool backdrop (emblazoned with your social branding, of course) or an awesome statue to encourage your customers to take selfies that trace back to you. Mess up an order? Take ownership of solving your customer's problem, and impress them with your customer service skills so much so that they share the resolution of their issue over the bad review itself. At its best, social media is a conversation — not a broadcast channel. Get your fans sharing their own interactions with you, and it'll pay off more than any content you create yourself.

JENNA GROSS, Social Media Strategist

Keep your eye on the pies. Social media is just a tool to communicate with your customers. Don't lose sight of the end goal: building customer loyalty and ultimately, increasing sales and profits. Focus on connecting with fans, not just collecting them. Make sure your posts are interesting, staying true to your mission and “keep it real” in your conversation. Create fresh, relevant and interesting two-way conversations, showing your fans you care.  They will reward you with trust, loyalty and more business. 

BRANDON FELL, Social Media Strategist
Stay connected and create engagement! No matter how subliminal, keeping your business connected to fans, friends, family, and ultimately your customers, will create repeat business. Responding quickly to any questions, concerns, situations, or support from fans is the best way to maintain a positive affinity. Social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Google, etc.) are the most effective and easiest online channels to relay messages, promotions, specials, and fun topics to your customers and ensure their satisfaction all around. By creating a “voice” for your pizzeria online (in social media), it will keep fans engaged and returning for more of your delicious pizza. They will learn to trust and understand the personalized connection and relationship with your business, both offline and online.

CHRISTA VOHS, Social Media Strategist
Your brand personality is the best way to remind people why they love eating at your pizza shop. Regulars will get to know your business and appreciate the server or cashier they see twice a month. Use that to your advantage by featuring staff bios with a photo. This will spark the interest of fans and employees, giving you higher engagement. Emotionally attached customers are more likely to recommend your business and choose you over a competitor. They will learn to look for your posts on social media because they make them laugh, smile or hungry for some pizza!

IAN REPKO, Social Media Strategist
Try to instill a sense of excitement with you customers. People frequent pizza shops for all kinds of special events and — often times just for lunch. Set the expectation that you are the “go-to” place with the best deals during the Superbowl/WorldCup, or that you frequently reward your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram fans with a “secret code” offer.  Do this by cross-platform promotion, listening to your fan-base and refusing to let an unsuccessful offer deter you from keeping at it.

LAUREN SPRINGER, Social Media Strategist
My best social media tip for pizzerias is to be sure to add your personal touch or stamp. Customers want to see what their experience is going to be like when they visit you. Be sure to use the same language you use in shop and real photos of your food, employees, and customers. If you do this, it will show the customer you are invested in showing them who you are, and not just what you sell. Also, don’t forget to respond to comments and engage the customer – it shows you care about what they think and builds loyalty for your brand.

MARGUERITE HULETT, Social Media Strategist
Give a face to your pizzeria! When people like you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter, it’s because they’re interested in you!  Take advantage of that and show off what’s going on in your pizzeria.  The saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words” applies to social media as well.  Don’t just use online stock photos of pizza: people will know that it’s not your food.  Instead, be creative and have fun!  Snap a photo of your latest special or capture a behind-the-scenes moment in the kitchen.  Is a customer celebrating a birthday with you?  Take a quick picture and post it on Facebook.  Show them why they need to eat at your pizzeria. Remember: your personality is what will keep people coming back to your page and restaurant. 

ALEX BEARD, Social Media Strategist

My biggest advice is to be different. What makes you special? Why should I spend my money at your business? Figure that out and let the customer know: do you have a better deal than your competitors? Is there something special about the way your menu items are made? Does your food look especially appetizing? Social media is a great way to let a broad audience know that your business is worth visiting. Getting customers in the door is half the battle.

NATALIA MORAIS, Director of Social Media
There are two reasons why people are loyal to your pizzeria: you either have the greatest pizza they’ve ever had, or you have good pizza and they know you. Either way, having a deep relationship with your customers can make the difference when they are choosing where to go. Use social media to share info about the people behind the business, photos and anything customers wouldn’t know by just going in the shop. If you want to keep your pizzeria on the top of your customer’s mind, you need to be constantly connected to them – and social media is the way to do it.

So, what do you think? What are the challenges you face online? Feel free to share your comments with us! If you ever have any social media questions, feel free to email me – I’ll be happy to help!

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-Natalia Morais

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