Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Why your Facebook page is failing

A project I have been working recently on has been to find every pizzeria subscribed to PMQ Pizza Magazine on Facebook and like them. 

Guess what? Only half of you are and of that half only about half are active. There are plenty of pizzeria pages that were started and abandoned. Maybe you posted one post when you started. Maybe you never posted but the page exists and customers are leaving comments (some negative reviews have gone unchecked for a long time for some of you). Now is the time to reactivate that page and get it up to date. Why bother, you ask? Because your brand is on there but it is not helping your pizzeria to look dazed and confused on social media.

Here are ten tips to get your Facebook page back up to where it could be making an impact on your business.

1. Set aside an afternoon to update the information on your page. 

This will involve providing information in the about section such as a link to your website, an overview of what your business provides, hours, phone or email and a menu if available. (there is also a menu app for this)

2. Create a fresh new profile picture (perhaps a logo, or a fun picture of the staff) and a new cover photo. 

Facebook has recently updated the design of the pages and the image sizes have changed (160 px by 160px for profile pictures) I have noticed many who use online ordering still have a cover photo that fits the old page where the online ordering app used to sit and it no longer does, so they have an image with an arrow pointing at nothing. Not great at taking photos? Maybe one of your employees is, or maybe a customer. Reach out and get help from your employees on this one if you need it. But don’t skip it. Photos are everything today on social media.

3. Adjust your settings. 

This is the time to choose whether you want people to be able to private message you (I prefer it so that if someone wants to share something and not be public, they have an option. This is helpful for customer service issues – not everyone wants to scream on Yelp about you). Add admins to the page. Have employees that know social media? Recruit them to help. Pick responsible people to be able to manage your page. You could even build it into people’s shifts at work so that you have an organized time table of when people can post.

4. Make friends or invite current ones. 

You have customers, friends and family. You may already have their emails. If so, go to Build Audience and select to upload a list of your email contacts to invite people to connect. You can also go in and invite your personal Facebook friends. This is something you could do once or twice a year as you add new contacts.

5. Pay for new likes. 

You can use Facebook advertising to get more people to like your page or to put out specific news about your restaurant. This can be useful if you are worried about numbers. But, more importantly, focus on engaging the ones that already like you. The more comments the better. The more people that like you but aren’t communicating with you just means that is more people you are not effectively targeting.

6. Facebook is not just online. 

Don’t forget to let people know at your restaurant that you are on Facebook. Add the logo to your current marketing and signage.

7. You are ready for a status update! 

So your last post was February 14, 2010 with your Valentine’s special. You have fans still but they don’t expect much these days. So where do you start? How about a photo of your chef making pizza or your wait staff making silly faces? Add some text about being glad to be back on Facebook and you look forward to sharing more with fans.

Photo Courtesy of 

8. So now what? 

So now you figure out how often you will post. Are you a daily poster? Are you unsure of what to say so don’t want to over commit and instead post once a week? Just keep it active enough so that people have a reason to engage with you and you will do fine. If nothing to say, then always take photos. Fun customers, events at your restaurant, employees and even you. Don’t forget, delicious food photos are always welcome as well.

9. Check your insights. 

Once you are comfortable posting, check out your insights to see what posts are the most effective and with what demographics. What time of day is best for you to post? Use the insights to improve and streamline your Facebook posts.

10. Mix it all up. 

You have brought new life to your Facebook page. It is active and you are noticing that people are engaging and perhaps even coming into the store more thanks to special promotions you have posted. So now, update. Change that cover photo and profile picture. Add new details or a new app. Don’t get into a comfort zone where you are predictable and always post the same specials and same photo ideas. Find new fun things to share. While you are representing a brand, people want to engage with you person to person. Don’t hide your human side. Embrace it!

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