Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Twitter as a customer service tool? It can work for you.

According to Hubspot, studies have shown that 42% of consumers expect a response within one hour when they contact a brand on social media. What this means for you is that your customer expects you to be on social media and will more than likely assume they can use it as a place to voice complaints, especially on Twitter. 
If your pizzeria is not yet on Twitter, go now and register. Then come back here. 
To use Twitter for customer service, there are three key steps to remember.
#1 - Respond to those who connect with you and do so as fast as you can. It is understandable if you can't be on twitter at all times, but check in at least once a day so that customers know that you are listening.
#2 Go the extra mile. Social media expert Ramon DeLeon gave a great piece of advice recently when he told the story of going the extra mile for a customer by not just getting them the correct order but then following up with a video apology sent directly to her. That video ended up viral and drummed up good publicity and goodwill for the pizzeria. 
#3 Be sincere and follow through. If you apologize for a wrong delivery or mixed up toppings, then show up with the right one. Don't just say sorry, show that you mean it by following through. That way your customers know that you care and know they can rely on you to help. 
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