Monday, November 24, 2014

Should you pay to be seen on Facebook or any social media?

Paying for ads on social media can help.
The short answer is: yes. While the free marketing of social media is still not out of the game completely, it is getting harder and harder to be noticed as more people join the field. Although paid promotions may not be for everyone, if you are wanting to get a bump in likes, visits to your website or just provide content to a more targeted audience, it might be time to consider budgeting for 2015.

Pick your channel.

If you are only on Facebook or Twitter, this is an easy choice, go with what you have. But if you use multiple channels, you don't have to advertise across the board. Start with the one you are trying to interact with the most first. I suggest Facebook if you are on it because their targeting has some great tricks including uploading your email system and only advertising to people in that list that are on Facebook.

Pick a target audience.

Have a great promotion for 30-somethings? You can target by age, gender, interests they list on their social media, careers, geography and more. If you want to reach new potential fans in the city you are in, you can focus just on that.

And as I said above, on Facebook, you can target specifically to email addresses you want to target.

Set up the ad.

Remember when designing your ad that you can have different goals in mind. Do you want more fans on the social media channel? Do you want them to click through to your site? Do you want more engagement on a post? Each of these require a different design. Sites like Facebook let you answer that question before moving on to the design portion. Once there, you can either upload images or select from previous posts. You can create a specific ad with specific content or use previous posts. It's all up to you!


Whether you want to spend $100 or $5, there is a price range for you in social media advertising. It is usually good to start with a test ad that you run for 3-4 days with about $100 to see what the impact is. As this blog points out, paying $1 per day for 30 days puts your business in front of 4,000 new eyes. It is the lowest cost point of advertising as well, so it is worth putting in a small amount to see good results.

Analyze it. 
Don't just throw money at ads and hope they work. Do a test ad and then analyze the results. Did you see the response you wanted? Did it add a sufficient amount of new likes? Did it cause better engagement? If not, then test with a different ad after scrolling through the channel and seeing what ads draw your eye. Test it out again, maybe with a different target audience, until it works best for you.

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