Monday, January 19, 2015

Celebrate Cheese Lovers Day!

Over on PMQ I wrote about different marketing ideas to celebrate Cheese Lover's Day (January 20) which you can read here.

But why not rev up your social media with some cheesy love for this fine holiday? Here are five bonus social media tips to make Cheese Lover's Day a great one for your pizzeria!

#1 - Ask people how they are celebrating Cheese Lover's Day (you might get good ideas for next year's and encourage engagement with fans!)

#2 - Announce any special deals on your social media pages a day or two early (or now if you haven't yet!)

# 3 - Take Wicked Cheesy Pizza as an example of what-to-do. They are building the cheesiest pizza they can and documenting it on their social media.

#4 - Encourage a cheesy smile contest with fans that eat at your pizzeria that day. Have them post their photos onto your Facebook wall or tag you on Instagram or Twitter for a chance to win a cheese pizza.

#5 - Post cheesy jokes and pizza puns all day to give people a moment to laugh and connect your brand with fun. Here is one:

Q: What do you get when you cross and smurf and a cow? A: Blue cheese! 

Thanks to Jokes4us for providing that one and more at

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