Monday, January 12, 2015

Say goodbye to social media the right way

Closing up shop? Or just simply tired of maintaining a Facebook page? Then follow these steps to close it down right so you don't leave people dangling on whether you are still open or not. I run across quite a few social media accounts of closed businesses and it bothers me on several levels. 1. When I am traveling and find a restaurant via Facebook only to drive there and learn it is abandoned, I feel tricked and my time is wasted. 2. Likes are precious on Facebook and why should I be following a page that will never be active again. Stop wasting both our time! There is no reason to leave a grave yard of abandoned businesses on social media. If you aren't closing up shop, but just don't want to bother posting, then this is even more urgent that you delete the page because it makes you look out of touch and disorganized. Get rid of dead pages!

Step #1  - If you are closing your restaurant, announcing this on all social media channels you use and inviting people to share their memories and say goodbye is a nice first step.

How: It is never easy to say goodbye but after X# of years, Restaurant Name, is closing our doors on X date. We want to take the time to thank all of our loyal customers and we look forward to the next step in our journey. Please share below some of your favorite memories of your time here.

Step # 2  - Change the hours on your Facebook page or Google+ or any social media that allows for you to have hours to "permanently closed."

How: Go to About and Page info and edit the hours.

Step # 3 - Feel free to engage your audience even after you have closed. Share old photos and memories of the time you spent at the restaurant. Thank people individually for their interest. Take some time to reflect on the job well done that you did.

Step # 4 - Don't stick around forever. You have the power to pull the plug when you want. Take 6 months to a year on Facebook or Myspace or Ello or Google+ and let people share memories before you delete the account. With Twitter, I wouldn't stick around, I would delete the account within a few weeks after closing. Same goes with Instagram unless you have enough interesting photos to stay relevant once closed. YouTube, can, on the other hand, remain available for people to watch videos long after you have closed. Just be sure to include information that the restaurant is closed now.

How: On your page, select settings and then general info. The bottom option is delete your page. Select and follow instructions.

Step #4 ALTERNATIVE - Opening a new restaurant? Use the old page to invigorate fans to try out your new place. Keep the old page open until you feel you have successfully transitioned people to like the new page. Then shut it down.

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