Monday, March 9, 2015

Domino's rebrands and wants Instagram help to find old signs

According to a report from Chicago Sun Times, Domino's is calling for help to find stores still using the old sign that claims Domino's Pizza instead of just "Dominos."

Domino's is asking people to Instagram the old signs they find using hashtags #LOGOINFORMANTS and #SWEEPS. People who participate can win free pizza for a year.

“We’ve changed from Domino’s Pizza to simply Domino’s because we’re more than pizza,” the company says and Chicago Sun Times reports.

That's all well and good but if a company is focusing on shifting their name and making sure social media is a part of that game, they should take a look at their Facebook where every franchise in the country has its own page, whether inactive or not, with the name Domino's Pizza.

When rebranding, be sure to focus your efforts universally and not just on one social media area. Instagram campaigns to engage your customers over a major name change is not a bad idea, but only once you've implemented the change as fully as you can across the board. And honestly, while they may do more than pizza, let's not fool customers into thinking pizza is just one small part of your business now. Not when you are sending mixed messages of creating new stores that are redesigned just so people can watch "pizza theater" or the making of the pizza. 

Also, what happens to the stores still using the old sign? Are customers being used as "narcs" for the system? Are you saying as a brand that you can't control your franchises and have them change their sign? I guess if even your corporate office hasn't changed the name on Facebook, then you are saying you have a problem. It's a dangerous attempt but one I hope works out for them. But hey guys, work on your Facebook too. 

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