Monday, May 4, 2015

Why you should have your social media on your website

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As part of my job as social media director for PMQ, I often spend time on websites from subscribers or advertisers to make sure that we are connected to them online and to see what cool things they are doing. More often than not, their site either does not list their social media or has a link to one or two social media outlets when they are actually on more than that. Of course, there are the ones that actually just aren't on social media still which I can't fathom but that is not today's subject.

Here are the typical things I see and what you can do about it:

1. None of your social media is linked on your website. 
If you pay a web designer, ask them to add them as soon as you can. An example is on the website on how we list all social media we have.  If you do not, then every social media site helps you create an icon that can link to your social media. Here is a great guide on the varying Facebook brand logos you can use for your site and instructions on how to build them.

2. Some of your social media is linked on your website.
The only person this is hurting is you. If I visit your website and see you are on Facebook, I will click the link to follow you and support your brand. But if you are also on Twitter or Youtube but you don't link them, I won't actively, as your customer, go do a search on every social media outlet I am on in hopes of finding you. Make it easy for your fans to like you. If you are on a social media outlet, then add it to your site. The same goes for Youtube as you are able to add your other social media links to that and it is another way for people to like you.

On Youtube, go to creator studio. Click the View Channel button. On the cover image you can click the pencil and either update the art (add an image that defines you!) or edit links. This allows you to add your website and social media to your channel. If you are on Youtube, subscribe to PizzaTV for lots of content al about pizzerias, recipes and more. Let me know in the comments that you subscribed and we will subscribe back.

PizzaTV page has all social media links connected to it.
3. Your social media is on your website but doesn't link correctly and redirects to a general page for the outlet.
While I see this less often, it is often on websites that I notice haven't been updated recently. Do a check right now on your website on your social media links and make sure they direct where they should. I find this most often with Facebook links redirecting to the general homepage instead of to your fan page. Same issue applies here, don't make your fans work so hard to like you. Make it as simple as possible. Update your hyperlink.

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