Monday, July 13, 2015

On the road again or how to share great photos on social media outside your shop

Sometimes, getting out of your pizzeria and showing unique travel experiences can be a way to draw in your audience. If you are out at the grocery store buying ingredients, why not show some of the cool items you are buying that your customers can soon try? If on a road trip, why not show off other pizzerias or fun menu ideas at any restaurant that you think your audience may enjoy?

In that vein, PMQ is always up to something on the road and this week we are heading to Colorado to follow Think Tank member Daddio throughout Colorado as he meets up with other Think Tank members. Our first night, we will be stopping at Wholly Stromboli for a panel discussion on the state of the pizza industry with special guests Michael LaMarca of Master Pizza in Cleveland, Ohio, Eric Rickman of Wholly Stromboli, Richard Ames (Daddio) and Steve Hitchcock, owner of Soda Creek Pizza in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The event is open to any pizza industry folks who may want to attend. You can register here.

Some tips for posting related but outside your pizzeria photos (whether Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!):

1. Make sure it is related somehow to your audience experience. A photograph at a butcher when getting some meat for a pizza topping could be interesting, but your kids at Disney World? Maybe not as appealing.

2. Think of fun angles. Don't just take a generic wide shot at every venue. Try to think of a fun way to take a photo. Turn the camera, take a corner of an ingredient and get them to guess what it is.

3. Natural light is always best. If you are at a place with a window, try to move the ingredient near it for a better shot (note, don't take an unpurchased item outside of the shop or you will have a bigger story to tell of your accidental shoplifting!)

4. Make it interactive. Related to number two, but how can you make the image something that people will want to engage with? Making them guess what it is for, guessing what it is, or asking them to share their own stories of where they like to buy their favorite cheese is an easy way to boost engagement.

5. Have fun with it. Let people see a bit of your personality and the personality of your pizzeria by taking some fun photos. It doesn't all have to be just pictures of the final pizza out of the oven. Show us some fresh toppings before they even get to your store that you are considering at the local farmers market. Show us the great dessert you just had elsewhere and are considering adapting for your place. Show your pizza family doing something like a charity event.


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